Release of IPython 7.30.0 (and 7.16.1), IPython 8.0 soon in beta (please try)

Hi all,

Good turkey-day for our American friends.

Last friday of the month, IPython 7.30.0 was released a few minutes ago, and is now available on PyPI, soon on conda-forge. There is also a small 7.16.2 that just pin jedi and will likely not be on conda-forge as it’s only for our fellow python 3.6 users. It may solve some of your problem, or pip may just decide to downgrade IPython. I don’t know I’m just tired of people to keep posting the same issue again and again.

I would strongly encourage you to read the what’s new on readthedocs, in particular this release contain a commit from our dear @fperez ! For those of you who joined in the past 5 year (time since his last commit), @fperez created IPython in 2001, and it’s good to see him back.

Note that this is likely the ante-penultimate 7.x release of IPython as I hope to release 7.31 & 8.0 next month / early 2022, as the heavy lifting of removing nose, porting to pytest, and future proofing compatibility was done thank to Nikita Kniazev we were able to hire thanks to a NumFOCUS Small Development Grants. Nikita did fantastic work (I’ll describe in another blog post closer to IPython 8.0 release), and a developer I highly recommend if you need Python and/or C++ help.

Note that IPython master branch is now 3.8+ only as we follow nep 29.


You can upgrade with pip (even python 3.6 users; though i’m not sure if pip will upgrade IPython or refuse to keep a newer jedi version.):

pip install ipython --upgrade

And if you are using conda, once available on conda-forge:

conda upgrade ipython

release from Europe next time.

Next month and for a few more month, I’m going to make releases from Europe. It will be close to end of year, so I may not follow the usual last-friday of the month, especially since it’s also a “last Friday of the year”. It will also likely be the release of IPython 8.0, just so that if there is a breakage people will wonder if it’s due to IPython itself or the change of year… regardless I hope you can start trying 8.0 in your CI, and report any issues as it will accumulate almost 2 years of changes (8.0 diverged from 7.x in Feb 2020, IPython 7.12, pre-pandemic).


Minor 7.30.1 released, and 7.30 yanked as autoawait was broken.

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