Presentations on JupyterHub and Binder



Hi folks,

We are trying to collect links to presentations (talks, posters, etc) on Binder and JupyterHub. We will use these to brainstorm ideas for graphics to explain what Binder and Jupyter hub are and how to use them (e.g. see the meeting notes from Jan 17). Please post links to your content here.

Many thanks!!


Tim Head’s Binder talk at JupyterCon2018 on YouTube (slides).

Karthik Ram’s How To Make Your Data Analysis Notebooks More Reproducible talk at RStudioConf 2019 contains a few slides about Binder.

I think it would be great to have a thread like this that collects all the talks, slides, videos, etc that we know of. Both as a reference and as a source for ideas for new talks. Discourse should be easy to discover and keep up to date.


Here are a few recent ones from me:

Binder 2.0 talk @ SciPy 2018:

A tutorial on deploying JupyterHub and BinderHub at PEARC18:

A talk I gave at a few places in the UK / France last Summer (Open source building blocks with Jupyter: