Binder+JupyterHub Activity Round Up - Week 1

Hi, this is a post with a summary of issues and Pull Requests that were opened or saw activity in the last seven days.

Posting these as a way to give people some ideas on how to get more involved in the project if they want to. For example you could:

  • follow a recent PR from being opened, through review, getting merged and finally going live on
  • chime in on an issue by sharing your experience or knowledge with someone who has a question
  • help review a Pull Request
  • work on an open issue by opening a Pull Request
  • help keep the issues tidy by finding resolved issues that can be closed
  • giving your input to feature requests or bugs

This post is an attempt to implement Carol’s suggestion from here (though I won’t manage daily posts).

This post will have a “Binder” slant to it, because I am most familiar with those repositories. However




Zero to JupyterHub


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