Ideas for driving more traffic to this site


We can drive more users to this site with new content & community activities that aren’t available elsewhere. Discourse’s nice UX lends itself to quite a few ideas. This topic tries to collect a bunch of these ideas.


Binder Repo of the Week. We find a cool binder repo every week, and advertise it - maybe even on the home page. We can use a topic on this discourse to collect ideas for repos, similar to how the rust community does Crate of the Week


cc @betatim who may have some ideas on this too, re: Binder


Also @psychemedia who is awesome and might have ideas :slight_smile:


Another idea: a section for ‘JupyterHub’ or ‘BinderHub’ tips / tricks. There is a lot of material that doesn’t quite fit into docs, and in 2018 blogging discoverability is bad. We could instead have a tag that lets people post tips and tricks on using JupyterHub / Binder.


I’ve started posting ‘tips’ here: I’m going to try to post one every other day or so. Others are also welcome to post their tips!


One thing I wonder about is a Binder-ise it sprint of the week. There are lots of Jupyter notebook containing repos out there that aren’t set up to run with Binder and lots of packages that donlt have a simple “get started” demo using Jupyter notebooks.

A sprint could identify:

  • interesting repos that contain notebooks, with a push to make them runnable on Binderhub;
  • interesting repos for packages that are widely used / foundational in a particular subject area. Push to binderise them and produce a simple Getting Started notebook to demo how the package works using a notebook.

When sprinting on binderising demos for “new” packages, attention could also be paid to where those packages may also benefit from addition of repr_ enrichments (eg HTML, or SVG displays) and/or magics that might make the package more useful to novices/non-programmers who want to just get stuff done a line at a time in a notebook environment?


very cool idea - the side effect benefit of this is that, at the least, it would simply make these repositories more reproducible with their environments more explicitly defined :slight_smile:

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If the intention is for this site to become the focus of general, non-techie support in particular, would it make sense to make a clear statement to that effect by deprecating / archiving and putting a clear pointer there to this site as the central locus for general help and discussion?


oh wow, I didn’t know that “help” repository was there…IMO yes that would be much better served with this space


Yeah, I think jupyter/help was created for mostly the same purpose as this discourse - a general landing place for questions that don’t map onto GitHub repos (or the repo isn’t known, etc.). If this picks up, we should definitely archive jupyter/help and point folks here.


Sounds good - I agree, I’m a bit worried about the number of issues on that repo that go un-answered…I feel like the only thing more frustrating than being confused is to be confused, have a place where questions are supposed to be asked, and then have nobody answer those questions haha. Maybe the discourse would encourage more user -> user interaction, without requiring intervention from a core dev


it’s definitely not good that we created that repo and then didn’t devote enough resources to paying attention to it. It would. be terrific if this results in a better solution to the same problem.