OSError when import d2lzh

Sorry for a question, i try to install d2lzh and mxnet in jupyternotebook seems succeed, but when i import d2lzh it shows some errors, could someone tell me how i can solve this problem?

Are you sure you have the right install for your architecture? See here. You don’t even mention your type of machine in your post.

The closest thing to your issue I see is here.
This looks like a possible pointer to how to use it, however, you’ll want to test it yourself:

"This approach worked for me: mxnet 1.9.1 & Python 3.7.13 "

I don’t believe this is a Jupyter issue because I suspect you’d have the same issue if you ran this in a Python console on the command line or ran this code in a Python script from the command line. If that is indeed the case, then it is not pertinent to this forum.