Don't integrate Python as Jupyter Notebook ( not ln lists )

I am new to Python. Installed python ( 3.11.4) and installed Jupyter Notebook via pip. I registered the transition in the command line, but there is simply no Python list on the site. The same absence on both Windows and Mac. Why is this happening and how can it be fixed? Thanks!

( at the bottom photo as must been )

( at the bottom photo as must been )

in instructions: Python 3 ( ipykernel )

what happens when you create a new notebook?

this is perfectly fine.
you have a newer notebook version than those you are referring to.
the ipython kernel starts when you create a notebook file.

please tell me how?
on windows 10 not licensed the same error

like this?

ok now i see there is something missing.
pls post respone of the following command.

jupyter --version

that looks perfectly fine too me.
any error messages on the terminal when you start jupyter?

no, there are no errors

there is a possibility that it was installed incorrectly jupyter?

I need your help, please…