Jupyter 7 installed on new computer shows no 'new python'

Windows 12 new machine. It had had Python 3.8 but there was trouble with import eulerlab. Uninstalled Python3.8 and installed Python3.12 only to find pip missing. . Finally installed Jupyter and other packages, but Jupyter notebook shows no Python in the New menu.
I had tried pip install jupyter lab also.
Jupyter kernelspec list:
python3 C:\Program Files\Python312\share\jupyter\kernels\python3
Jupyter --version
notebook : 7.0.6

Path was an issue initially, but Python is installed in ‘Program files/python312’
Any suggestions?

despairing I installed jupyter lab and that works, no problem. So where might the sudden Jupyter problem (first no import works, then no Python for the ‘new’ menu…) have come from
I think a move to jupyter lab is in order.