How to get Python3 notebook in jupyter python

Hi i am a new user for Jupyter notebook. i have installed it via anaconda when i click to create new notebook it gives me option only for python3 (ipykernel) instead of python3 and when i click on python3(ipykernel) it gives me 404 error message " it is no longer available "

how can i install notebook for python3.

Thank you

Hi @Deepshikha_Gupta, welcome. Python 3 (ipykernel) is the same as the previous Python 3 kernel - it is just a clarification in the label which was added some time ago to let users recognise that the kenel component they rely on is named ipykernel and because there are other kernels that support Python (like xeus-python).

The 404 message is concerning, but likely more information is needed to help with it (what versions you have installed, what logs show up in the terminal, what is the exact wording of the error, etc).