Introduce yourself!

I’m petersmaze and I’m a computer systems engineer in the Data Science Engagement Group at NERSC. I’m just getting started with working on JupyterHub-related projects.


Thanks and regards.. .

Sorry am looking help, what is the attributes to extract PDF file from PyPDF2 library in jupyter notebook And what’s the code use to check any attributes in Jupyter notebook.

Hi my name is Raynier van Egmond and I plan to use the Jupyter Books as a basis for interactive textbooks in the field of Machine learning in Earth Observation and Monitoring courseware. As I am stretching the application of the glue tool from MyST-NB I am sure I’ll run into questions to ask the community.

thanks for a superb product that changes the interaction with students globally !!!

Raynier (Seattle USA)

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My name is Jan, but i prefer to use my nickname online which is spookster.
I am an apprentice for software development in germany and i am doing most of my work on jupyter lab running on archlinux.
Thanks to everybody involved in developing jupyter and I hope I can help/contribute at some point.
Have a nice day!

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Hello! Paola here - I teach physics at MIT; we are working on weaving in computational thinking and programming activities to introductory physics classes.

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Olá Jupterianos!
Primeiramente, agradeço o espaço e a troca com vocês.

Eu sou só ser um sonhador. Que acredita na colaboração e que isso pode se espalhar pelo “sistema solar” inteiro.

Há muita competição lá na Terra, o que só faz mal pro mundo e permite alguns E.T’ manipularem a engrenagem.

Hi everyone! I am a teacher from Turkey! I teach information technologies in a middle school in Turkey. Unfortunately we do not have an IT Lab in our school.