How to upgrade JupyterLab in TLJH?


Is there a way to update JupyterLab to the recent version? I’ve tried to use:
sudo -E pip install -U jupyterlab

But got no effect in result.

Thank you!

Maybe you already have the latest version?
According to pip, I have jupyterlab version 4.0.2
(this is with TLJH).

That’s strange as I’ve just installed JH via TLJH. My JupyterHub 1.5.1 20230628081709 and JupyterLab is 3.6.5 but it’s according from the web: Help - About JupyterLab.

There are three separate python environmenta in a tljh installation!

  1. System
  2. Hub - Where jupyterhub runs
  3. User - Where user stuff runs, like jupyterlab

You need to upgrade it in the user environment specifically. I recall the tljh documentation clarifies how to so this somewhere.

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Yup, it is (to me) a bit messy, because you have to be careful which user you are and which python environment (if any) is currently active.

In any case, if I go to Help → About Jupyterlab I see version 4.0.2, which corresponds to what “pip freeze” shows (with the user environment, i.e. after sourcing /opt/tljh/user/bin/activate, which I do in my .bashrc so I never miss it).

I think I just updated by doing “pip install -U jupyterlab”.