How to upgrade JH to the recent version?

Dear Sirs,

My current version of JH (installed by using TLJH) is 1.5.0 so I’m wondering how to get the recent version of JH 3.0?
Nothing can be found on TLJH description page concerning updrading…

Thank you!

It’s not yet supported by TLJH. You can follow this issue for updates:

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@manics so the only way to use recent JH I have to use “raw” installation of JH as described here: Quickstart — JupyterHub 3.0.0 documentation
Am i right?

There’s an open PR for JupyterHub 2 which could be updated to 3, though other dependencies may also need a version bump.

@immick After using tljh during 3 years i am working now with jupyterhub 3.0.0 as a service. More difficult to configure but really less issues when installing Ijulia and R kernel.

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