Hints for those upgrading TLJH for everyone

We recently upgraded our TLHJ from the original installation. We made snap shot first. I upgraded using pip with no problem. They worked fine for me. Even printing pdf files. However the other users couldn’t see my upgrades. They were still running the original code without the packages I installed. That is because I didn’t use sudo -E -H before the pip. We had to do the upgrade again using sudo -E -H before the commands. Now all the users can see the upgrades.

My regrets are that I didn’t write down all the things I did as I did them so I have a record I could share.

Note, I am not using conda just pip.
Most users are using Win10. A few are using Macs and I have an old unsupported Mac Mini that I have converted to Debian. Everything is fine now.

One more thing. The default is
That is for the old note books which is awful compared to the new