TLJH :: Upgrading the conda(1) / pip(1) packages in TLJH USER environment

Hello Friends:

This is my first question here. :blush:

Without success, I’ve been trying to upgrade packages within the conda(1) / python(1) USER environment of TLJH. For example, these syntax variations fail with the same error shown:

root# /opt/tljh/user/bin/conda update -n base jupyterlab
root# /opt/tljh/user/bin/conda update --prefix /opt/tljh/user jupyterlab
root# /opt/tljh/user/bin/python -m conda update --prefix /opt/tljh/user jupyterlab

PackageNotInstalledError: Package is not installed in prefix.
  prefix: /opt/tljh/user
  package name: jupyterlab

Now, I can successfully perform upgrades with pip(1), like this:

root# /opt/tljh/user/bin/pip install --upgrade jupyterlab

But if this is a conda(1) managed environment (which it looks like it is), I think I should try upgrades with conda(1) first, before pip(1).

Can someone show me how to upgrade these packages correctly? (Again, its for the USER environment of TLJH.

Thank you in advance!