How to choose a different icon for my extension?

I have written a jlab4 extension, and when it shows up in the extension manager it comes with an icon that I have not specified explicitly, but that could have been found as the avatar I use on github

is there a way to provide my own icon ?

thanks !

Wrong link removed from here…
See next post.

That thread is not relevant for JupyterLab 4 which has a new extension manager.

No way currently I am afraid (other than publishing under an organization). We coud potentially agree on a metadata field e.g. keyword which would mean “do not show my image as logo”, but there is no dedicated URL field we could use AFAIK.

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Maybe we could just check for a picture in a prespecified location in the GitHub repository? This would be a good question to raise during weekly dev meeting.

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for the record a related discussion seems to have taken place here, with some suggestions as to how it could be configured