Add icon for extension while publishing to npm/pypi

I would like to add an icon for my extension that shows up in the Extension Manager panel when someone searches for the extensions(please refer to the attached image with red square). I couldn’t find an option to declare it in package.json file. Is there any other place where I should provide reference to a PNG/SVG image so that it shows up next to the extension name?

Update: I figured out that the icon/logo is picked from the Github repo URL that is given in the package.json file. Is this the only way to specify the image?


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None of PyPI, npmjs, or conda-forge provide a canonical way to specify an icon, so it’s probably github or the highway.

Further: I wouldn’t burn too much effort on the 3.x extension manager, as when it’s not broken, it’s at least very slow, and requires nodejs… you may want to weigh in on this for the 4.x line, as it will be more driven by the constraints of multiple package managers, and extending these is something that could happen, e.g.

  • package.json#/jupyterlab/iconUrl
  • pyproject.toml#/tool/jupyterlab/icon_url
  • meta.yaml#/extras/jupyterLab/iconUrl