Npm package cannot be found in JupyterLab's extension manager search

Hi, I’m a new developer of jupyter extension for my project. Just wondering, according to the doc, if I publish my extension as NPM package I should be able to see it in the extension manager. However, I published NPM but searched the name of my NPM package in JupyterLab’s extension manager and nothing shows up. Did anyone encounter this issue before or did I do something wrong? Thanks a lot for any advice!

Without knowing what your extension is, you might just be missing `keywords:

Of note: there are a fair number of perils involved with “source extensions,” and you should likely seek to also publish your extension on PyPI/conda-forge, etc. as a “pre-built extension.”

For most use cases, pre-built extensions, avoid a whole class of issues associated with:

  • getting a working nodejs
  • running webpack “hot,” against hundreds of megabytes of downloaded JS build cruft
  • every downloaded package, and all its dependencies, getting to run arbitrary code at install time as the user
  • mismatched versions of server extensions (if applicable)

In JupyterLab 4, there is an upcoming, extensible package-manager based system which will hopefully resolve some of these issues.

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