Change icons in theme-extension

Hi everybody,

Since I went for 2.0, the icons in a theme-extension I made are not changing anymore, mostly regarding to --jp-icon-jupyter. Any ideas? Should it be related to LabIcon or something?


I think so? CC @telamonian

How should I use LabIcon to change some icons in a theme extension if simply overriding the variables doesn’t work for me in 2.0?

Hey, guys.

I’m having the same problem since I updated Jupyterlab to its v2.0.

Any news about this?


This recent post might help?

The post you sent helps with using a custom icon on commands you are creating. However, in my case, I’m not creating new commands, I’m just changing the default icons for custom ones.

Here is a screenshot of my working extension on Jupyter’s v1.0.0 so you can understand what I need to do.

Same problem here. Is there any news? Is it possible to change existing icons on JupyterLab using a custom extension? Any help really appreciated!

This is something which used to be simple in JupyterLab 1.x, but as far as I can tell isn’t easily accomplished in JupyterLab 2.x.

That said, I figured out a hack that will change the icons until a better solution is put in place:

In your CSS, hide the svg icon you want to change and set the background image of the container to your custom icon. For example, the main logo (chosen because the CSS selector is simple):

#jp-MainLogo {
    background-image: url(images/custom-icon.png)

#jp-MainLogo > svg {
    visibility: hidden;

This is not a good fix because the default icon is still there - just hidden. But it will effectively look like it changes the icon. I would love to know a better way to do this in JupyterLab 2.x.