Add Notebook (.ipynb file) to Jupyter Lab Launcher


Does any know how to add an icon to the Jupyter Lab Launcher?

I’ve read here (Add Notebook (.ipynb file) to Launcher · Issue #5031 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub) that the file to update is “jupyterlab/packages/terminal-extension/src/index.ts”, but this does not appear to exist in my version of Jupyter Lab (3.0.18)

Thanks in advance.

Can you help us explain what the use case is? i.e. are you:

  • a developer that wants to add an extension
  • a user that wants to create a launcher card for some arbitrary thing

Thanks for the fast reply.

I am a notebook developer using Jupyter Lab. I would like to add an icon to run a notebook (.ipynb file) on the launcher. Similar to the icons shown below:

Hi, you can use jupyter_app_launcher (GitHub - trungleduc/jupyter_app_launcher: A JupyterLab extension to create custom launcher entries.) to do this