Difference between various packages is not present in docs

It’s really confusing while using pip to install jupyter. There are various packages we can choose from: jupyterlab/jupyter/notebook/ipykernel/ipython. It took me a long time to figure out the difference between these packages. I think it’s necessary to add a document entry to explain it.

Hi! Where would you expect to find such a document?

I think the difference between jupyterlab and the classic one is rather clearly displayed here(jupyter .org/index.html) (while I think it may be better to replace “The Jupyter Notebook” with “The classic Jupyter Notebook”).
Then users may be directed to this page(jupyter .org/install.html) to view how to install jupyterlab or jupyter notebook. And in the “Getting started with the classic Jupyter Notebook” section, I think it’s necessary to put a link to this page(jupyter .readthedocs.io/en/latest/install/notebook-classic.html). Also note that there’s a conflict between two pages on which package to install. The former suggest installing notebook while the latter suggest installing jupyter.
So I think the best place to explain the function of different packages is this page(jupyter .readthedocs.io/en/latest/install/notebook-classic.html), and its link should be present here(jupyter .org/install#getting-started-with-the-classic-jupyter-notebook).

(Sorry, I have to write links like this to bypass the rule.)

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@choldgraf or anyone else, is there a good place for recording this feedback?

The main cross-project documentation is hosted here:

The challenge is that this repository doesn’t have much (if any) regular maintenance, and it has been hard to get people to put energy into these cross-project docs. I am happy to review any PRs or collaborate with folks if they’d like to have a quick working session to improve that documentation.