The 'jupyter' metapackage is outdated on PYPI

This Jupyter metapackage was updated very recently, but the corresponding PYPI package was last updated in 2015.

Could you please update the PYPI project?

It’s good to have a functional Jupyter metapackage.

I don’t feel this was an oversight after nine years.
If you go to the repo at, you’ll see it is the content for the Jupyter ecosystem documentation here to represent the overarching Jupyter Project.
Most importantly, despite the old ‘Released’ date on the PyPI page, if you use that pip install jupyter command you’ll get the current versions of JupyterLab 4+ and Jupyter Notebook 7+ at this time. (See below for details.)

If you look back in the site records around the time coincident with the last update at pypi, you’ll see in the commit notes, such as here and here, it was very much around when IPython Notebook had just rebranded to Jupyter. I think things had then settled upon using that command to handle the installing of the current versions behind the scenes and so there is no need to update the PyPI page since then.

  1. Why isn’t this ‘jupyter’ project removed from PYPI then if it is so outdated?

  2. What is the metapackage that installs the whole Jupyter framework?

Because the command itself isn’t outdated. Even though that ‘Relased’ date seems old and the site it points at is the repo storing the documentation about all of Jupyter, it does install Jupyter on your system. (Keep reading for details.)

Two main options:

pip install jupyter installs the current JupyterLab 4+ and Jupyter Notebook 7+. See details below.
(The old date on that PyPI page doesn’t mean the command itself doesn’t work.)

The Anaconda Distribution will install both Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab with a collection of common packages validated to work well together.


I just did an install using sudo pip install jupyter on a clean system and this is what I got (mid-April 2024:

ubuntu:~$ jupyter --version
Selected Jupyter core packages...
IPython          : 8.23.0
ipykernel        : 6.29.4
ipywidgets       : 8.1.2
jupyter_client   : 8.6.1
jupyter_core     : 5.7.2
jupyter_server   : 2.14.0
jupyterlab       : 4.1.6
nbclient         : 0.10.0
nbconvert        : 7.16.3
nbformat         : 5.10.4
notebook         : 7.1.2
qtconsole        : 5.5.1
traitlets        : 5.14.2
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