Check what is wrong with a new shortcut customization

I tried the following shortcut customization:

            "args": {},
            "command": "notebook:reload-python-file-from-disk",
            "keys": [
                "Ctrl R"
            "selector": ".jp-Activity"

but it seems that the shortcut Ctrl R does not work as desired.
How can I find out what went wrong it?

Which version of JupyterLab are you using? Your command entry doesn’t match what I see listed for reload. The only thing I see listed with reload in the command under ‘List of commands’ in ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ for JupyterLab Version 3.4.8 is:


In the documentation for ‘latest’, it is listed here under ‘Commands List’.

docmanager:reload.             Reload from Disk
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Thanks for the pointer. I’ll try the command as docmanager:reload
I had no idea what the command expression is supposed to be.
Your pointer to the command list is vital!

Thanks again!