Csv file updated, how to reload?

I am using jupyter lab to edit a ipynb in a tab to produce a csv file as an output. I then view the csv file in another tab by clicking on the name on the list of files. When I change and rerun ipynb to recreate a new csv file, right now I have to close the old csv tab and reopen the csv file as before. I am wondering if there is any shortcut like
reload csv in the dropdown menu so that I do not close the old one and open a brand new one.

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On the File menu, select ‘Reload CSV File from Disk’.

And I believe you can also set a keyboard shortcut for it, too(?). However, not quite sure of that or the exact syntax. This command seems to be a context dependent command because it’s not there when you don’t have the CSV file active in the main pane, and I’m having trouble finding the exact version that matches to assign. I just see a generic ‘reload’ listed in the ‘keyboard shortcuts’ listing that this post points out.
Anyone know if this is possible yet?

On the File menu, select ‘Reload CSV File from Disk’. is good enough for me now!!

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