Can the Jupyter Notebook keyboard shortcuts work with Jupyter Lab?

The one thing that has stopped me from moving to JupyterLab is my dependence on certain shortcut keys. Namely a,b for inserting cells above and below. Keys like c,v for copy pasting content. I have heard that a similar functionality is available for JupyterLab but I have always had to resort to mouse clicks to achieve the same thing. Is there a way to do this now in JupyterLab?

yes, all of the ones listed work when in “command” mode (vs “edit mode” with the blinking text caret). The examples on Project Jupyter | Try Jupyter (whether powered by binder or jupyterlite) should give enough data to evaluate its fitness.

Also, the forthcoming Notebook 7, evolved from RetroLab should be coming along shortly, and might further ease the transition, as a good deal of attention is being paid to emulating the classic document-based experience… for a time, both the jquery/bootstrap notebook will continue to be supported, but the volunteer-based support window is fairly concretely closing.


Will it still support debugging? That is the one feature that I would like from JupyterLab.

All things are possible, and there is some work underway, though many people cite the lack of extra clutter of the document-centric interface as a feature. Might not be able to have it both ways.