Adding text to launcher?

I want to “simply” add some text into my jupyter lab launcher which should be visible on top of the launcher as a kind of greeting. I cannot imagine that this is an impossible task, but after spending hours and hours on this now without success I was wondering if anyone here had any good ideas on how to achieve this? I am doing ok with python but am pretty new to the whole jupyter lab setup. I’ve consulted various documentations of jupyter lab, jupyter lab extensions, I installed jupyter-app-launcher, but this only adds additional tiles and not text, and I’ve created a small extension of my own, but none of it works. The extension also only manages to add a new tile to the launcher, but no matter what I do, I do not manage to see any text. But - it’s just adding some simple text, surely this is somehow possible? Any help would be very much appreciated!

It looks like you may want to create a content header?


I would suggest start with Extension Tutorial — JupyterLab 4.2.3 documentation

Of note, swapping the entire launcher is also possible, for example see GitHub - nebari-dev/jupyterlab-launchpad