Alternative launcher and cell toolbar available now for Jupyterlab

Hey enthusiast JupyterLab users,

I released two extensions that will hopefully smooth your experience in JupyterLab:

  1. An improved launcher with search, list view, most recents,…

  1. A cell toolbar to bring tag handling and view closer to cells as well as some action buttons


Looks cool. Any chance you could provide a link to it? :smiley:

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Thanks for pointing out it’s missing. I added the links in the original post.


I see that a version for Jupyterlab 2.x is also available on Github (2.2.0), but not on Pip. Can it be possible for you to add it?

Hey @girgink the installation of JupyterLab extension with pip is available only for JupyterLab 3 extensions.

For JLab v2, you can use the following command line (it requires nodejs):

jupyter labextension install @jlab-enhanced/cell-toolbar
jupyter labextension install @jlab-enhanced/launcher