Is there a list of extensions that ships with JupyterLab?

I’m writing a guide to adding cell tags in notebooks. I can add cell tags using the “cell tags” extension in Jupyter Lab. However, I can’t tell if it ships by default with JupyterLab or not. Is there a list of all the default extensions that ship with Jupyter Lab? And/or is there a straightforward way to get an extension to install alongside a Python package?


I am not sure if this will answer your question exactly, but you can run jupyter labextension list and see all the installed extensions you have. This should let you see if cell tags is in there or not.

You can look at the source code to see all the default extensions.

I was just wondering about this. I thought there might be, using data_files_spec but I haven’t tried it out and I am not sure. If anyone has managed to do this, I would love to see an example.

thanks for the information - I know about jupyter labextension list…it seems like there’d be value in documenting this somewhere other than the source code. Since JupyterLab is all about extensions, I’d love to see more stories / guidelines / documentation around customizing for particular workflows

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