Run cell icon in JLab 3

In JLab 2 you could see the run icon to the left of every cell in a notebook. This was super handy to just click to run.

In JLab 3 this appears to have gone. Is there a way to get this back or was it removed as a feature?

There is the jlab-enhanced-cell-toolbar extension that includes a play button on the left side among other additions. There are settings that allow tuning what is displayed.

That repo also has an ‘Alternatives’ section where some related approaches are listed. One listed there, jupyterlab-codecellbtn, adds a green run button to the right side, below each cell,

Someone has made an extension that adds a play button symbol on the right side, inside each cell:

I just tested it in JupyterLab 3.2.8 and it works after running %pip install jupyterlab_play_cell_button and reloading my JupyterLab page.
It is a pre-built extension so that should be all you need to do if you’ve enabled extensions. MyBinder launches have the third-party ones disabled by default. Because I was testing via MyBinder, I had to include that step clicking on the button to enable third-party ones under the Extension manage as well. (The Extension manage is accessible from puzzle piece-shaped button to the left side of the file navigator.)

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