A proposal for JupyterHub communications

(also just to +1 what @betatim mentioned, I’ve found that as long as the reply has the tone of “let me suggest a place where you’re more likely to find the help you need” rather than “this is the wrong place to post this”, then people respond OK)

https://github.com/jupyterhub/jupyter-server-proxy/ is another repo that receives a lot of usage questions. @betatim would you like to copy your repo2docker issue templates there too?

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https://github.com/jupyter/repo2docker/pull/655 is the PR to watch for what we end up with. Once it is merged someone can take the templates and make a PR for the jupyter-server-proxy repo with the tweaks that are needed.

(or we can merge them at the org level so it propagates to all of the sub repositories, as long as we’re OK not having repo-specific language in there

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I think this sounds good and it a likely model for how we will structure things with JupyterLab as well. Thanks for the thought and effort on this front!

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Hello all, I can see that you are looking for communication platforms. I have to agree that all three suggestions below are good.

However, I see a large issue: that if you have too many platforms of communications it will become very confusing for users to get their head around and use successfully. So, my recommendation is to use a main one.

  • Discourse
  • (Use it as it is being used know as a Q&A) In addition, you could add more categories to meet the needs or demand. Discourse currently meets criteria of what is wanted: searchable, Archive. It should however, be kept for more General discussion Where as, other communication platforms should be used for more Serious or in-depth running of Jupyter Hub.

Why not try something new?

So, with it matching some criteria it could perhaps be successful in the future

  • Searchable history
  • Made for teams
  • Looks cool and organised!

So, I hope that I have given an insight, into something new to introduce in the future. Please PM me for information. All the best Thanks for reading this (its long (ish) )