15 hours consultancy on Kubernetes / JupyterHub

We are interested to hire for 15 hours of paid consultancy on maintenance and development of a GCE / Kubernetes JupyterHub deployment for open-source teaching.

We are running a free, open-source training course on coding and reproducible science in brain imaging:

The course runs on a CZI Essential Software for Open-Source Science grant where the particular focus is drawing a wider range of contributors from neuroscience into the open source community.

To support the course, we are running our own GCE / Jupyterhub deployment. This is running well at the moment, but we have two needs:

  • Advice on configuration, maintenance and debugging of the cluster.
  • Help in developing code and documentation for other developers and educators who want to run a similar deployment.

We document our setup on Github, and we will to contribute all outputs to the community, where they are useful.

We will need about half the hours in April 2022, and the remaining hours distributed through until the end of August.

Please contact matthew.brett @ gmail com if you are interested.