New Project: New project: Open science cloud infrastructure and training for communities in Latin America and Africa

This isn’t funding directly for Jupyter per se, but will involve deploying a lot of Jupyter tools so I thought I’d share here as well :slight_smile:

We’re excited to announce funding from CZI Science to create a collaborative service for cloud-native workflows in biosciences for Latin American and African communities.

See this post more info: New project: Open science cloud infrastructure and training for communities in Latin America and Africa | 2i2c

Para leer este post en español, vea el blog de MetaDocencia: Nuevo proyecto: Infraestructura en la nube y entrenamiento en ciencia abierta para comunidades de América Latina y África | MetaDocencia

This is a large collaboration between many communities in open source, cloud infrastructure, open science, and community leadership:
2i2c, The Carpentries, CSCCE, Invest in Open Infrastructure, MetaDocencia, and OpenLifeScience.

We aim to create a collaborative service team that splits roles and responsibilities across these organizations and community leaders, covering areas like cloud infrastructure, domain workflows, pedagogy, and community leadership.

The 2i2c team will use their shared infrastructure model to provide operations and deployment support in the cloud for these communities. Our hope is to make the service scalable by standardizing on a common set of technologies and cloud infrastructure.

As part of this effort we hope to continue refining our Shared Responsibility Model for running open technology in the cloud in a community-centric way:

Over the coming months, the group will hire a few team members, so keep an eye out for job postings.

Here is one from the OpenLifeScience team for a Programme Manager:

And a cloud engineer posting for 2i2c:

We are still working out how to organize and document this effort, but if you’d like to keep track of what we’re up to, add your e-mail to this form and we’ll keep you updated:

We anticipate that this will be a complex yet potentially very impactful and rewarding project. Making cloud infrastructure and open technology more accessible to historically marginalized communities is is a big challenge, and we hope this is a step in the right direction!

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