JupyterHub participation in Google Season of Documentation?


Google’s Season of Documentation provides funding and structure to get technical writers involved sustainably in open source project documentation. It is a longer term program than GSoC or Outreachy - it’s at least 6 months long (see timeline) and is not billed as an internship program. I would love for JupyterHub to participate this year!

Examples of projects that I’d love to see happen:

  1. Take an ‘inventory’ of our various docs. JupyterHub is spread out over many many components, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. Even just doing a documentation maturity evaluation of all our docs would be tremendously helpful.
  2. I love how TLJH documentation is organized. Modifying & expanding this to other projects would also be extremely lovely.
  3. More love for the JupyterHub landing page on jupyter.org. I admire the numpy.org landing page, for example!
  4. Organize a ‘testimonials / showcase’ page, and an easy process for people to add to it. So many people do amazing things with JupyterHub, but there isn’t an easy way to show all this off. Check out the case studies section on the kubernete home page, for example.

I’m sure y’all have very many amazing ideas as well.

Organizations can apply until March 26.
I’d really love for us to participate :slight_smile:

Looking at the organization application page, next step would be to write up a few such proposals, and write it up in the project proposal format. Then we try to reach out to more technical writing communities, and hopefully get someone interested in what we want. The proposal could also possibly be written in collaboration with them.

To successfully participate, we would need support and buy-in from existing community members, to help review & guide the documentation writing process. It also needs someone to take on an admin role. Any takers? :slight_smile:

@cooperrc participated with Numpy last year (see report) to great results. I hope they can help us go through this process too.


Looking through the responsibilities of the org admin, I think this should be at least two people, rather than one person.

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@yuvipanda, awesome suggestions! I’m glad you liked my work with NumPy.

The admin role helps the GSoD tech writer get involved with the community. For example, with NumPy @melissawm did an amazing job, her role helped me

  • give updates to the NumPy docs team x2/month in the Doc Community call
  • submit issues to numpy repo
  • review PRs to the numpy repo
  • introduce numpy team members that could help with Sphinx, git, and best practices

I think this sounds good, and am happy to be one of two admins if an additional person steps up. In particular, summer vacation and other things can make it difficult to be available for the full duration.

Another project I would love, but might not be a great fit, is completing and maintaining the “JupyterHub the Hard Way” deployment tutorial.

Process/audit for docs would also be hugely valuable. I feel like we often add awesome new docs and tutorials, but don’t have a process for keeping them fresh and up-to-date. Even developing automatic rolling “Check on these docs, they haven’t been updated in a year” tasks could be helpful.


The participation deadline has come and gone, and we didn’t find another mentor to join @minrk :’( Next year hopefully!