A documentation workshop for the Jupyter community?

Hey all - I wanted to gauge whether others are interested in having a workshop on documentation. Daniele Procida has done a lot speaking on “frameworks for documentation”. Here is one of his youtube talks. I’ve found this documentation framework to be a really helpful way in thinking about the structure and extensibility of our documentation. We’ve already done a little bit of this on the tljh documentation.

I recently had a conversation with Daniele, who said that he may interested in running a virtual workshop about improving our documentation through this framework across the Jupyter community. I’m curious if there is interest in this kind of thing - could you fill out the poll?

How excited would you be to attend a workshop on documentation frameworks?
  • I wouldn’t attend
  • I’d attend but only if I happened to be free
  • I’d attend and be disappointed if I missed it
  • I’d make the time in my day in order to attend

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(I’ll leave it open for a few days)

I think he has also worked with some others in the PyData community (like NumPy)…perhaps @willingc has interfaced with Daniele in the Django world as well?


Yes, I know Daniele well and his work is excellent. Most of our existing documentation could be reorganized to his structure with minimal effort.

Thanks @choldgraf for mentioning this in the pandas issue tracker; looks really interesting. Are there still slots available for the workshop this week?

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