Translating documentation to Spanish


We’ve been working in the South American Jupyter Workshop during the weekend and started a working group for translating Jupyter docs to spanish. We’ve completed translation of the “Jupyter Notebook Quickstart” section of the official documentation page, but there are several issues we need to work on, and questions that we need to answer. We’ve created the following Issue on github to talk about this:

Any comments, suggestions and ideas are much appreciated,



I’m translating the documentation for The Littlest JupyterHub ! We should connect and make sure we use the same translations

here’s the issue for tljh:

and my fork with the Spanish docs (so far):

(no llevo mucho :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Hi Chekos!

Yes, i’m aware of your work, it was the first thing we found while doing some research on the topic, what’s more, we referenced your issue in ours and used it as a starting point in the conversation. We’re also trying to follow the guidelines that we found there.

There has been some chat about using Transifex to doing translations in order to automate the workflow, you might want to check it out in the issue in github.

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I saw that after I replied! lol
I’ll follow your issue closely

Thanks for doing this!

Thanks man, It also helped me in translation