Unable to upload documents into Jupyter Notebook

Hello! I’m a relatively new user to Jupyter Notebook. Previously when I wanted to upload documents (such as csv files) into the localhost, I was able to do so easily by ‘Clicking Upload Button’, ‘Selecting Documents’ and ‘Clicking the Blue Upload Button’. Now, the blue upload button doesn’t even show up after I selected my documents and they’re not uploaded into the localhost. Tried restarting but to no avail too. Any suggestions?

Where are you using Jupyter Notebook now? Is it different than before? Did you do the installation and change something? It’s hard to advise on the limited information. What are the machine or machines involved? Did you use Anaconda to install?

If you need something to compare to working on a remote machine using a Jupyter notebook then you can put the URL below in your browser to launch temporary sessions to get comparison to how things should look:


After the session spins up, you should be able to see Uploads work there for comparison.
Keep in mind though the sessions are temporary and time out after several minutes of activity.