Import a local notebook to JupyterLab

hi, new to google jupyterlab. I have a local notebook that I want to test on google jupyterlab but can’t see how to import the notebook… something I’m missing?


Not sure what “Google JupyterLab” is. (Maybe this?) So I’ll answer your post title, " Import a local notebook to JupyterLab", demonstrating a path that works in the hopes it works where you wish, too.

Go to here and click on launch binder to spin up a temporary session of JupyterLab in your browser.

Drag-and-drop your local notebook from your local computer into the file browser/navigation pane that will be on the left side of the screen. After a second or so, it will refresh and show the local file you uploaded on the remote machine. Double click on the file in the file browser pane to open it and work on it, on it on the remote temporary session. Especially sincethe session is temporary, save anything useful you make by downloading it back to your local machine.

That was assuming by ‘import’ you meant ‘upload and use’. If you really wanted to import the notebook, there are options like ‘importnb’, see here. You can install it into the temporary remote JupyterLab session with %pip install importnb run in a cell.

thanks. this is the JupyterLab I refer to.
any direction to that?

Open JupyterLab using that highlighted button and try drag-and-drop? The instance that comes up will be similar to the session that suggested.
If you prefer this in images and with a guide…According to this guide from NVIDIA, once the instance is opened there’s an upload button. See where it illustrates “You can upload the file to Workbench by clicking the “upload files” icon.”
Because it is part of vanilla JupyterLab, too, that same button is present in MyBinder served session where I suggested you use to try drag-and-drop. However, the drag-and-drop feature of JupyterLab makes it much easier to just drag-and-drop to take a local file or files and get them on a remote machine.

Thanks but the drag-and-drop is not supported for folders. I wanted to upload a complete project with many files… well I’ll drag-and-drop files. Thanks again.

You’d bundle the folder using tar or zip on your local machine and then drag-and-drop onto the remote machine and unbundle. That way it is much more reproducible/portable with the process and result more openly documentable in the notebook produced.