Upload File from Local to S3 Storage

Hey all!

Like the title says, I want to upload a file from my local system to S3 through Jupyter. I’m currently doing this via HTML injection by creating a form because this allows me to upload directly without uploading to my notebook first:

However, there are some things that annoy me about this:

  1. When I press submit, it brings up a dialogue asking me to leave the site
  2. There is no “success” message

Some current constraints:

  • I can’t use the file upload button since the files I will be uploading will be very large (probably beyond 5gb)
  • I want to continue to not have to upload the file to my notebook first; instead just using the notebook as a “bridge” to connect my local machine to the cloud

Is there a better way of doing this? Or a way to suppress the redirect message + give a success message?

It’s difficult to tell what your overall aim is, but one option is to use an S3 ContentsManager. The README includes instructions for configuring a hybrid local and S3 system:

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