Is it possible to save direclty to gitHub form mybinder using Jupyter Notebook server?


I’ve just learned about mybinder. For me it is useful to open and edit a file from my gitHub repository direct from my browser. But I found out that if I click on the save button on the Jupyter Notebook, it does not save the file in my Github. I have to download it and manually upload it to my repository.

Is there a way to save the file directly to the github from jupyter notebook when using mybinder?

I´m new to programing in general. I´m not doing any major projects, I just want a place to easly practice coding.


Because you are running on a remote machine that potentially is accessible by others and being able to update to GitHub involves giving permissions, for security reasons it isn’t advised. See here.

As you start doing more, you may eventually want to look into running git with GitHub access on your local machine. You’ll still have the download step from the running session machine to your local machine, but after you bring the updated versions of notebooks and files to your local machine, you can be using git to push updates to your repository and take advantage if version control and powers that git offers.