Thinking about reapplying to Outreachy in May 2019

Last year the Jupyter project and more specifically JupyterHub participated in the Outreachy Program we got two fantastic intern, and most of the mentorship was done by @minrk and @yuvipanda.

We would love to renew the experience, and would prefer to switch mentors for various reasons. We are thus looking for:

  1. 6k USD to pay the two interns (we love a company to sponsor that).
  2. Two mentors per intern.
  3. A community ‘organizer’ - approves mentors, wrangles payments,
    communicates with the outreachy organization

We believe that having actual projects would make it easier to seek funding, and want to at least have possible discussion in public with the input of the community.

As to what we are looking for when participating to outreachy:

  1. Provide someone with an awesome opportunity to connect with our community, and maybe to increase their skills a bit
  2. Invite members into the JupyterHub/Binder/IPython community, specifically from a more diverse background than we currently have
  3. Provide a starting point from which we can hopefully retain these team-members moving forward.

I’m going to stop there as a (re)starting point for the discussion and let other members of the community and contributor that were involve in last year program correct me if I summarised facts incorrectly.

If you have reply that you would prefer to not be public, feel free of course to reach us privately.




So the deadline for may has pass, we will re-consider for the fall-winter session that is targeted toward the south hemisphere.

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Some ideas for projects that could be a good idea for an Outreachy project and I could help mentor.


A simple web server that understand the URL spec part of (/v2/gh/binder-examples/requirements/master), runs on your laptop, uses repo2docker to build the image and then launches it locally. So http://localhost:8080/v2/gh/binder-examples/requirements/master would land you in the same view as launching it on a BinderHub. No need for kubernetes. Some more thoughts Creating a new Binder-at-home tool

Binder Drop but for BinderHub. A website that you can drag a folder onto that then creates a binder from it and launches it for you.


A tool that extracts the dependencies from the metadata of a notebook, then builds a docker image from them. This would let us have notebooks that are self-contained in addition to directories being the shareable unit (as repo2docker does). In v1 we could have it create files in a directory that repo2docker recognises and piggy back on that.

As for project ideas, something that improves publishing notebooks to various targets, be it documentation (how-tos) for existing stuff, or some new tool.

You can expand that scope to do this automated and on a regular schedule (CI/CD for notebooks + data) – this relates closely to repo2docker work, because somehow you need a runtime environment for your CI job.

I’d love to use Outreachy as an opportunity to improve our developer/contributor documentation as well. I’m inspired by AstroPy’s excellent developer documentation: