The littlest jupyterhub plugin to use jupyter/datascience-notebook containers

I was frustrated trying to get R and Julia running on TLJH. I love the jupyter/datascience-notebook docker container, so I wrote a small plugin that tells TLJH to use docker spawner to spin up datascience-notebook containers for users.

Passing it along here in case it’s useful to someone!


This looks really handy :slight_smile:

Pinging @yuvipanda to idly wonder about the best way to discover TLJH plugins? Is the Github tljh-plugin · GitHub Topics · GitHub tag the current best practice for making plugins discoverable?

Thanks @kschuler for sharing!

There is also a list of known plugins in the documentation: TLJH Plugins — The Littlest JupyterHub v0.1 documentation

Maybe a PR to add the plugin to the list could already help make it more discoverable?

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