Terminal not in Launcher after install

I’m new to JupyterLab, recently installed it successfully (I thought), but don’t see Terminal in the Other section of the Launcher, only Text File, Markdown File and Show Contextual Help, not sure how to fix this?launcher snip

Hi @mattterry13,

Depending on the way you installed JupyterLab, it could be that terminalsAvailable is set to false, which would disable the terminal plugin in JupyterLab:


In that case you might be able to see a message in the browser dev tools console that looks like the following:

Disabling terminals plugin because they are not available on the server

Maybe installing JupyterLab in a clean environment could help check whether this is related to this, as a first step?

Thank you for the assistance - you are correct I do see that error message. I installed using pip. When you say installing in a clean environment, what exactly does that mean?

Something like the following:

conda create -n jupyterlab -c conda-forge jupyterlab=3 -y
conda activate jupyterlab

# open JupyterLab
jupyter lab

You might also want to check the order of the configuration folders returned by the jupyter --paths command. There is more info about this in: Jupyter Paths priority order

Just to check whether if there is a page_config.json file in PREFIX/etc/jupyter/labconfig/ (or in ~/.jupyter/labconfig) that might have the terminalsAvailable setting disabled.

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Okay it looks like things are fixed now on my personal PC. I wasn’t using Anaconda, but installed that, uninstalled jupyterlab and reinstalled and good to go. On my work PC I’m not sure what my options are. I had to uninstall Anaconda a while back because I couldn’t launch it without it getting hung when connected to the internet and none of the solutions I found helped, so not sure if i’ll be able to do that but am going to try. Thanks again for your assistance, not sure if knowing all this will help for my work PC situation?

Anacaonda Navigator now launches fine on my work comp, so I did the same thing and Terminal is available for me. Thanks a lot for your assistance.