No Terminal button

Hi, Team, when I click File → New Launcher button to enter launcher page, there’s no Terminal button, could you please tell me how to install Terminal

Please ensure you have the terminado package installed and updated. If that doesn’t work: it would be helpful to have the pip list and/or conda list of the environment where this is occurring.

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Hi, @bollwyvl , thanks for your reply, I checked my environment, but this package has been installed

terminals may be disabled by default when running as root, and there may be more settings… but that version is very old.

i see the fragments of a conda environment, and so would use conda upgrade -c conda-forge terminado. If you’ve been doing pip and conda stuff in your (base)… well… mixing them two heavily, interactively, over time, will cause problems, such that you might eventually not be able to use jupyterlab, or worse conda itself to fix it.

If you’re getting to that point, i recommend

  • starting with a new Mambaforge (base)
    • installed as a non-root user
    • never touch this again, other than to upgrade mamba
  • create an environment.yml that includes all your pip and conda dependencies
  - conda-forge
  - nodefaults
  - python >=3.10,<3.11 # or whatever
  - jupyterlab >=3.5.0
 # other stuff
  - pip
  - pip:
    # - whatever you _must_ have from pip
  • check it in somewhere
  • start a new environment for this task… also not owned by root.
mamba env upgrade --file environment.yml --name my-jupyter-env
mamba activate my-jupyter-env
mamba list --explicit > my-environment.conda.lock
  • maybe check that lockfile in, too

Also, for future reference, text logs in fences are 99% more useful than screenshots for folk who are trying to help you but also have poor eyes.