The Latex Auto-completion in Jupyterlab

Hi , big guys ,how could I set up the extension named Jupyterlab-latex so that I can automatically match the possible options when typing instead of having to manually press the tab key?
Thanks so much.

This is possible, but not particularly easy, or particulalry powerful (not many commands known) with jupyterlab-lsp, pip, and a bunch of manual downloads.

Here’s a binder which demonstrates a recommendable, mostly-cross-platform path, without knowing more about the OS/method you are installing with.

To do this locally (aside from the full xelatex environment)

  • get Mambaforge (a flavor of miniforge)
  • start (and check in) a new environment.yml like the one in the gist
  • update the environment
mamba env update environment.yml --prefix .venv
conda activate ./.venv
jupyter lab
  • optionally update the language server settings to look like:

Some reasoning:

  • conda/mamba vs pip
    • pip can’t install a LaTeX environment or the language server
  • miniforge vs miniconda/anaconda
    • the terms of service are rather odious, and could change at any time
    • using conda-forge (and not defaults from will increase stability and reproducibility
  • mamba vs conda
    • once you start putting other “actual work” stuff in this env, it will get quite large, conda can take minutes to solve
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