Temporary increase of the number of users?

Hello! We have a few notebooks in Binder that we used for small classes; we would like to use them now for an introductory class of about 1000 students and we are concerned about having too many users work all together. Is it possible to temporarily increase the number of users for a repository?Thank you!

I’m not directly associated with the running of “big” binderhub, but as a user of it: if learners are paying for these classes, the administrators should probably consider running their own. There is a Zero to BinderHub guide that walks through setting it up, which also offers the opportunity to do more branding and other touches.

If you think it’s justified you can request a temporary increase in resources by opening an issue on

Though as mentioned above you may be better off setting up your own JupyterHub server, especially if it’s not a one off.

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