Steps to install new jupyterlab extension variableInspector

I am currently having below version of jupyter and i want to install new extension…
jupyter --version
jupyter core : 4.6.3
jupyter-notebook : 6.1.1
qtconsole : 4.7.5
ipython : 7.17.0
ipykernel : 5.3.4
jupyter client : 6.1.6
jupyter lab : 3.0.6
nbconvert : 5.6.1
ipywidgets : 7.5.1
nbformat : 5.0.7
traitlets : 4.3.3

If this refers to this extension: GitHub - lckr/jupyterlab-variableInspector: Variable Inspector extension for Jupyterlab

Then according to the README it should be possible to install it with the following command for JupyterLab 3.0:

pip install lckr-jupyterlab-variableinspector
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Yeah…But from read me I could see we need to satisfy few requirements as well…like below


  • JupyterLab >= 3.0

Requirements for python functionality

  • pandas and numpy are required to enable matrix inspection.
  • pyspark for spark support.
  • tensorflow and keras to allow inspection of tf objects.
  • torch for PyTorch support.

Requirements for R functionality

  • The repr library.

Requirements for ipywidgets functionality

The other requirements can also be installed with pip, for example to get the basic functionalities:

pip install pandas numpy