Kernel messaging / Variable insprector for Jupyterlab 3.0

I am looking for examples such as extension-examples/advanced/kernel-messaging at master · jupyterlab/extension-examples · GitHub for Jupyterlab 3.0.

It is very confusing, if the documentation for version 3.0 references examples for version 2.0.

A migration of GitHub - lckr/jupyterlab-variableInspector: Variable Inspector extension for jupyterlab (or a similar functionality) for version 3.0 would help, too.


I suspect that we are still just in a transition period, as Jupyterlab 3 was just released a week ago and many extensions just haven’t migrated yet

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Thanks. Do you have some schedule, when the documentation will be updated? Or is this a “hobby” project, where everything is done when it fits?

I would it find easier to learn Jupyter development if there is no documentation at all on some topics rather than documentation that refers to an outdated version and does not work. One can still link to the extension examples of older versions just for getting an idea, if one clearly declares those examples as incompatible.
But you can’t link to documentation parts for version 2.0 from the documentation of 3.0 without making clear that this documentation won’t work.

@JLiebig Since JupyterLab 3.0 was released recently during the holiday season, there are still a couple of remaining items left on the checklist:

Updating the default branch to the 3.0 examples for the extension-examples repository is still one of them, but should be addressed very soon.