Sharing Voila URLs with username embedded in URL


I have set up TLJH with s3.

Therefore each user should be able to see the same information.

The issue I have is as follows:

If I share the URL above, another user will get an access denied error.
If I changed “user_x” to “any”, it will work for the other user but the router will route it to a URL with their username.

That solves one issue BUT if that user then shares the URL with another user, they fall into the same issue.

How can we get shareable links which work for everyone?


The proper way to share a link is to replace /user/user_x/ with /hub/user-redirect/
See Frequently asked questions — JupyterHub 1.5.0 documentation for more info.

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This seems to work the same as replacing the user with “any”.

I.e. the URL resolves to one which is user specific and that subsequent URL can’t be copied and pasted onwards.

That worked for me. Thank you! :+1:

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