How is link sharing supposed to work? "Could not find path: "

Following this part of JupyterHub docs it’s made clear we can share links to files between users.

But the problem I’m running into is that a user can only create files within their home directory (eg /home/user1). When a link is shared with another user and they sign in as user2, they don’t have access to /home/user1, only /home/user2.

Therefore, after logging in as user2, I’m getting an error of Could not find path: my_notebook.ipynb

How do I fix this?

Hi! The method described assumes both users have the same set of notebooks in their working directory. For example, you might’ve initialised everyone’s workspace with a clone of a common git repository. It’s best to think of it as a way to automatically convert a path under one username to the equivalent path under another, but it doesn’t copy or physically share the file.