Repo2docker command?


I have a repository (GENET Martin / MEC552-Demo · GitLab) that launches fine on Binder (Binder). However, I am having issues in getting it to run on my institution’s JupyterHub.

At first I simply ran repo2docker on the repository, then pushed the docker image on the repository registry (Container Registry · GENET Martin / MEC552-Demo · GitLab), and IT pulled the image onto the JupyterHub. But there were errors referencing /home/mgenet/.local, which I do not get as my home on my machine is /Users/martin, and mgenet is my username on GitLab.

Anyway, I tried repo2docker --user-name jovyan and now we are getting the error No such file or directory: '/home/jovyan/start': '/home/jovyan/start'.

Do you have any idea where the problem could come from? What is the exact command run by Binder? Thanks a lot!

It’s possible your institution’s JupyterHub is overriding the Docker user ID. If so you’ll have to run repo2docker with that UID. You’ll have to ask your admin, or if you’ve got a working container you could try copying the UID from that.