Issue with a binder url in a repository where docker and binder images with same naming exist

First of all thank you for making this repository publicly available.

In one of my Github repositories I’ve setup both a docker image and a binder instance using dockerfiles. I have a Github Action .yml file that first creates and pushes the docker image to the docker hub and in the last step it creates a docker image named as “icesat2rbinder” (and not as “icesat2r” which is the name of the Github repo) because the docker image initially didn’t work (probably due to naming overlapping between the docker and the binder image).
In the root of the directory I use 3 dockerfiles and the one named as “Dockerfile” is for the binder instance.

After this setup, I would expect that using the following url in the “binder badge”

binder would pick the “icesat2rbinder” from my dockerhub account and initialize the binder Rstudio instance, however this is not the case as I receive errors. In the last 2 days I tried also to use different urls such as

but I don’t think it is correct.

I took a look also to the “binderhub documentation” and “binder examples” but none of these cover my specific case.

Is my set-up correct and will the binder-url as described previously work?

(a similar issue was created in the repo2docker-action Github repository but I didn’t receive a response yet)

If you want to use your own base image, the most relevant example is perhaps rocker or minimal-dockerfile.

So in the Dockerfile for your repo that Binder finds, it should start with FROM yourotherimage. Binder always does a docker build, even if you want to use an external image. If you’ve published an image you want to use, the shortest path to using that is a Dockerfile with FROM thatimage. If the image is fully Binder-ready (has JupyterLab, etc.), then the Dockerfile can really be just that one line.

The URL should always be for your github repo (in gh/YOURNAME/REPO/HEAD, YOURNAME/REPO should match exactly

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@minrk thank you for your answer.
I think what you mentioned is the cause of my issue:

The URL should always be for your github repo (in gh/YOURNAME/REPO/HEAD , YOURNAME/REPO should match exactly ).

Due to the fact that I push a docker image first named as my Github REPO I had to modify the binder image name. Thus, I assume this is the reason why the URL doesn’t work.