Use published Docker image for Binder

So far I use a Dockerfile in my GitHub repo to define my Binder environment. I wonder if it would be better to build & publish (on Dockerhub) the corresponding image, so that Binder can pull it without having to build it?

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I would recommend that you use this GitHub Action to achieve this GitHub - jupyterhub/repo2docker-action: GitHub Action for repo2docker


Noting that this issue was also raised in the binderhub repo:

I’m not sure it is fully solved by the repo2docker GitHub action. That solution still requires a “passthrough” one-liner binder Dockerfile (i.e. FROM myorg/myimage:latest). What @fortierq is asking for is the same thing I asked for in that issue: BinderHub directly launching a container from dockerhub, rather than its own private container inventory.

Also raised here:

In case it’s helpful, I was able to partially workaround the issue somewhat by using a GitHub Actions workflow to create a new commit on a special branch every time a new cached image is built ( It’s not quite directly launching from a given DockerHub image, but it at least allows for prebuilding from a GitHub Actions workflow.

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